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The watch in my hand strikes eleven
By no chance I can settle it till seven
Fuck 'em who says matches are made in heaven
Try and push me back, ya'll face a demon
Streets where I grew up were nothing but filth
Being eccentric and likewise was my hitch
Hot Rod they call me those days and revered my tilth
Gangwars, riots, shoot-outs, I survived using stealth
Snowfall was fraught with blood and danger
Summer if I remember was none better
Taught to peel ditchers head like 'cumber
I did the same and laid a hell lot as if it didn't matter
That's what I do , I shoot and pop off
This isn't an effort to try and show off
Gunshot is far effective and sweeter than blast-off
I got job on my mind, bitch fuck off

Verse: 2

Call me a contract killer or simply a murderer
I do all I can do to get out of this gutter
Dreams I saw but now they all stand shattered
One by one my love and life had been tattered
Guy I believed in most fucked me the best
He cut down his risks and passed his test
Plan of his was calculated and fast
But he made a mistake and forgot my zest
He took me for a fool and called his slot
Hastened his move and shot a blot
Sally in hospital down with a clot
Partying with tarts tonight is my perfect shot
I plan it as hard as I could
Make amends to it if I should
Smash his kids and bring down his hood
Jesus! I am gonna break him like mould

Verse: 3

I reach the spot but he ain't live in a home but a fort
I see after fuckin' me he became millionaire of a sort
I jump the wall which amounts to trespass in tort
But who cares once you have to screw a hort
No guards in the wall, cameras do the watching
I try and dodge those gadgets but its tough escaping
My image in all CCTVs and I hear foots running
Niggas on payroll aim at me with bullets firing
I cover myself in bushes, your's truly a master in camouflaging
Those niggas ain't got brains enough and keep on shelling
I draw them deeper into woods trippin' and falling
Out of their sights now, I smell blood and trailing
With guards distracted he is mine for the take
Blood oozing out of my arm makes me shiver and shake
I am here for taking my revenge and not for fake
9mm will help tonight in digging his grave

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Sign this kid already!!!!
I think its great you have a hidden message behind your words you just have to be imaginitive and thats great remember lifes, imaginears are tommorrows thinkers and leaders who help push the world and humanity forward and always hold the destiny of others such as yourself and motivate us all that dreams are real and in fact can be made a reality given the fact that we set our minds to it. Keep brnging the heat Chandrakant!!!
I like it .. very much !



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