Parnell Gervais & Rel Carter Are Giving Indie Artists A Chance At Music Stardom!

Serial entrepreneur Parnell Gervais puts together another amazing platform for indie artists in the music industry. Demos & Dusse, is a monthly event where talented artists get a private listening session with a Rocnation executive.  Parnell explains “It’s very difficult for musicians to get in contact with the higher ups, especially if you don’t have any connections or personal relationships in the game.  With Demos & Dusse all that has changed. I’ve recruited one of the top A&R’s in this music industry by the name of Rel Carter.  He’s the epitome and true meaning of a true A&R in today’s musical climate. With his experience at Rocnation every indie artist that we’ve come across, are definitely in great hands.” There’s been several success stories as a result of these exclusive listening sessions that Parnell has set up. Artists that have attended Demos & Dusse have received assistance with social media promotion to a full Digital Distribution deal from a company called Equity. Parnell states “All I’m here to do through My company Thorough Consulting, is to guide these artists from making costly mistakes that can take them a few steps back from their journey to success.”  

For more info on Parnell Gervais and his company Thorough Consulting you can call 631.664.4927 or checkout his Instagram @ThoroughConsulting.

Parnell Gervais