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Boobie Blood Drops Video For Paid In Full

Boobie Blood drops a corner store hustle style visual for his new single "Paid In Full." A griity visual with some nice effects and Boobie, using the "everybody" style of rapping, actually went in and had some hard lines. It's worth checking it out.

Keep Up With Boobie Blood @…


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Fabp AKA Fabpz the Freelancer Drops The New Audio And Visual Presentation of "I'm Loco I'm Crazy"

With an overall heavy gangster hip hop sound Fapbz AKA Fabz the Freelancer, delivers his new single "I'm Loco I'm Crazy."  Included is a colorful and different, straight up front visual collage music video.  Something different, with a tone of confidence we haven't heard in a while. Check out Fabpz the Freelancer "I'm Loco I'm Crazy"…


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JBando Is Locked, Loaded And has Surpassed 22 Million Streams With his Single "12,000,000 Clips"

JBando drops his latest single "12,000,000 Clips" and it's quickly gaining notice. JBando is a versatile and talented artist. With "12,000,000 Clips" he flips the…


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Nadya Sudjaja Drops Her Cover of "Let it Go" From Disney's Frozen

After catching the "Frozen" fever a few years back, Nadya introduces an alternative rendition to the broadway musical in Bahasa Indonesia; "Let it go". "Lepaskan" was introduced in Indonesia in 2015 via an all-star album "We Love Disney".

"Lepaskan" is a musical collaboration between…


Added by HipHop2BHeard on May 26, 2018 at 3:06pm — No Comments

THP Entertainment Drops The "Monster Vision" Compilation Hosted By Dj GEA

THP Entertainment releases their new project "Monster Vision." A dope compilation bringing together a mash of talented up and coming artists. Each artist brings something different to the table, both in style and sound and gives the listeners a variety of hot hip…


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Aaron Rennel Drops His New Single "Nothing With Me"

Nothing With me is the new single from up and coming indie artist Aaron Rennel. High quality audio and catchy lyrics fill this track and make it a summer banger from…


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THALOCALGOON Drops Some Real Material In His New Single/Video "Fake"

THALOCALGOON has just dropped his new release "Fake." It focuses on all the fake people who come to you with smiling faces, while their prayers for you are for your failure. Decent lyrics and a dope instrumental make for a hot single for the summer, and a classic track. Shot in stunningly cinematic quality, THALOCALGOON seems almost…


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Check Out The New Project "DREAMWAVEPARADISE" From Up And Coming Artist DAKOTAH

Indie emcee DAKOTAH has just dropped the "DREAMWAVEPARADISE" project and it is filling a void in today's Hip Hop community. Catchy lyrics and hard beats fill the…


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KSPOFFICIAL Drops The New Single And Video "Long Way" From Their Artist G-Baby"

KSPOFFICIAL is showing they are in it for the long haul. Dropping some new and highly awaited music from the artist known as G-Baby. Professional in sound and…


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Manny Sosa Drops New Single "Watch Mine"

Manny Sosa deliver for the true Hip Hop headz with his latest single release "Watch Mine." An uptempo boom bap type track accompanies his quick metaphors and…


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JohnWorldTour Drops His "CRANK YANKERS EPISODES" In A 3 Part Song Release

Doing something not of the norm, is how you market correctly. That is the path hiphop emcee "JohnWorldTour" is dong with his new releases. The "CRANK YANKERS…


Added by HipHop2BHeard on May 21, 2018 at 4:47am — No Comments

MYFOLK Drops The "MYFOLK Greatest Hits- The Resume 2" Project

You know you're bussin' your ass in the underground when you can release a "greatest hits" project. And thats what indie spitter "MYFOLK" has just done. Sub-titling it "The Resume 2," MYFOLK brings us street testimony music with lyrical venom in its bite. Bar for bar the album delivers on…


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MENTIONABLE SINGLE: MCYoungBull Is Quickly On The Rise With His New Single "Fast Enough"

Just in time for the summer, MCYoungBull has released his new single "Fast Enough." The Elijah J production is full of energy and screams Good Time. MCYoungBull…


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Up and Coming Emcee Owen Mc Grory Has Listeners Finding Faith Again In Hip Hop With His New Single "OMG"

Owen Mc Grory's new single "OMG" has been gaining mass praise. Holding true to every essence of Hip Hop music. From a boom bap type beat to the intricate and…


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Ace Supreme Drops His New Single "Too Much"

Just in time for the warm weather, Ace $upreme drops his cool new single "Too Much." Just the right vibe for a cruise down your favorite highway. With a mellow beat…


Added by HipHop2BHeard on May 10, 2018 at 1:44am — No Comments

Upcoming Emcee Jakob Campbell Is Out To "GET EM" With His New Video Release

Jakob Campbell's bring full energy and so well thought word play. And that...is sadly unusual these days. His new single/video 'GET EM" is quickly gaining attention and showing many that real hip hop lyricism is still alive and well in the underground. Almost like he writes with a dictionary in his pocket, his collaboration of words is…


Added by HipHop2BHeard on May 6, 2018 at 1:26pm — No Comments

Bone Nest Brings Something New, Something Different And Something Fresh...And This Is Just The Intro To The Album

Imagine taking everything amazing from every genre from RNB to Psychedelic Rock and blending it together...wonder what you would have?....Bone Nest!!  As an indie artist and producer, this San Francisco native is an avid fan of music. Never really having a specific genre of…


Added by HipHop2BHeard on May 4, 2018 at 12:00am — No Comments

AR Base Brings Pure Talent, Soul And Faith With His New Project "Press On"

Gospel/Contemporary/Neo Soul/Urban Rnb Singer AR Base has just released his new project "Press On" and it is beautiful music for the soul. The 13 song album has spiritual motivation and self testimony spread all through. The flavor AR Base brings to the music has been compared to greats such as Luther…


Added by HipHop2BHeard on April 19, 2018 at 7:02pm — No Comments

Brandon Wave Drops His New Single "1 Call"

Brandon Wave has just dropped his new single "1 Call." An auto-tuned anthem with a smooth tempo instrumental. Flipping over it, Brandon shows his lyrical talents and creatively formats his words. Definitely a song to add to your playlist, and an artist to get to know. Check it out today.

Purchase "1 Call" on iTunes …


Added by HipHop2BHeard on April 9, 2018 at 9:08pm — No Comments

Looking To Bring New Material To The Listeners And Always Looking For New Artist

Meet Infinite Prism. New to the industry and hungry. But not the way you would think. He is hungry to introduce YOU to new music. And in the near future will be presenting one artist a week. He always looking for the next dope artist to present. His slogan is simple, descriptive and to a very valid…


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