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Cal Trace Announces "Reinstated" EP

It’s Been A long Journey but time is here and Cal Trace is Back in Effect. Back Reinstated into the Music game and here for the taking. Reinstated will be Available on all Major Platforms.


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Jonah Melvon Releases New Album ‘The Rainwater Project’

Jonah Melvon’s new full-length record “RainWater Project”, is finally here. This soulful record is refreshing, possessing deep musicianship, warm harmonies, a drip of lyrical weaponry, and overall a gravitational pull towards the repeat button. Jonah hailing from Oakland and being an entrepreneur advocate, spells out the grind and the need to support indie businesses, in his song “1099” (Mom and Pops). He articulates it best, in these lines of the song: “Support your local…


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CA Emcee JustGlennJack releases "Morrissey" single

Up-and-coming Californian artist JustGlennJack returns with an uplifting and upbeat hip-hop/rap single ‘Morrissey’. The single features an uplifting production, driving beat, and an anthemic vocal performance by JustGlennJack. The single starts off with a fading percussive melody that resonates throughout the entirety of the track.… Continue

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[video] Rose May Alaba Releases New Stunning video ‘Go Down Low'

Rose May Alaba was born on May 26th, 1994, in Austria. She grew up in Vienna with her Philippino mother, Gina Alaba, Nigerian father, George Alaba and her older brother David Alaba.

Rose May knew from her early age on that she wants to be a musician when she grows up. Her parents recognized her talent when she was only 6 years old. “Every time she’s on the toilet for a longer time, she would start to sing Whitney Houston or Christina Aguilera songs. By… Continue

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Razzie Releases "Trapped In Ice"

There’s a new sound bubbling up from Florida’s underground, with Razzie leading the way. His new single, “Trapped In Ice’” sets the tone for one epic summer for the Miami native, as he continues to let the music speak for itself. Swerving in his own lane, Razzie’s sound packs a punch, both equal in originality and ability to stay true to…


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Leah B Jackson Inspires with 'God's Way' EP

Leah B Jackson is bringing her inspirational new EP ‘God’s Way’ to the world.

Leah always has a passion to inspire others through music. She is a wife, a mother and the daughter of Grammy nominated artists George and Gwen…


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GWATTS drops "Why You Mad"

New Jersey Based Artist Watson Guillaume, better know as Gwatts, has been honing his skills in music for the past several years. Originally a lyricist, Gwatts has blended his lyrical skills with his ten years of musical experience, bringing about a perfect harmony of his two passion. Gwatts’s evolution into HipHop has allow him to introduce another component to the musical world and extend his talent even further. His use of poetry over…


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DLW1 by Urban Fu$e!

Urban Fu$e are a multi-national musical collective from various parts of the world and originally the musical brainchild of songwriter and producer Suzanna Lam. They consist of eight members hailing from diverse places as Lagos, Nigeria; Nassau, Bahamas, Nashville, Tennessee; San Francisco Bay Area, California and London. Their music is equally diverse, traversing…


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AseCard Releases 'Comfort Zone' Double Album

AseCard finally releases his long awaited double album 'Comfort Zone'. On this new project, AseCard showcases his new growth and versatility over infectious instrumentals with in depth lyrics and delivery. Both albums are a story, so listen to both the whole way and join Asecard on his journey through his Comfort Zone.…


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202kashivelli - "Moes Story"

202kashivelli releaes his new single, “Moe’s Story”, a song made from the street, by the street, and 4 the street. 202kashivelli is a private rap/trap/hiphop group from Washington D.C. giving the reality of life coming from urban combat zones in Americas inner Cities and hoods all over the world.…


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Larriet Emari releases "Ride with Me"

Larriet is a singer, songwriter, producer, composer, and the President of multi-entertainment company Ha La Entertainment. Larriet Emari Poteat was born on August 4th 1994 in Wayne, New Jersey to Teyonka and Larry Poteat. They moved to southern California when she was 4 where she was raised. She was their third child and only girl. Larriet grow up… Continue

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Cantgobackbroke Dre releases new EP “Only the Fam”

Check out the new mixtape from Cantgobackbroke Dre, “Only the Fam” and follow him on social media at @cgbb_dre…


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Nikol Star - "P$rty and Post"

Nikol Star is one of the youngest female artist to produce,write and create her own music. Nikol was 15 when she recorded her first song called Nightmare. This was the debut to the start of her career. After high school Nikol took her music to the next level. She created her own home studio and production her new single Party And Post. Nikol wrote 48 songs, made 76 beats and now has an album coming out this summer called Can’t take it Serious. This young icon still…


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Money Bagz releases new single, "Make It Out!"

Money Bagz: is back with a brand new single fresh off the press: “Make It Out!”

Rockaway, Queens - Money Bagz is an artist and performer who approaches music with utmost qualitative excellence, dedication, and craft. He has a unique life story, and what’s special about his background is that it truly has a strong impact…


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KI Back At It releases "Getting to the Bag"

Description: New Jersey hip hop rapper KI Back At It, has just dropped his 2nd studio album: Getting To The Bag, streaming on Itunes and other digital platforms. This album is much different then the 1st EP, Destroy & Rebuild NJ, with much more songs, features and a well put together project. Getting To the Bag, could be one of the best…


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Jo Bread releases "Dirty" new single

Check out the hot new single by Jo Bread titled "Dirty" below and be sure to follow him on Instagram @WestFordhamBread

CLICK HERE to stream Now on…


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Merce Gold releases New 1993 EP

North Carolina Hip-Hop artist Merce Gold releases his first EP, "1993.

Visit www.MerceGold.com to stream/buy the EP.…


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Price Money releases "Far Away"

Brooklyn emcee, Price Money releases his new track "Far Away" as a tribute to the incarcerated. Raised In the the Albany Housing Projects in Crown Heights, Price Money was inspired to rap by fellow Albany residents like EPMD's DJ Scratch and the late Half-A-Mill (R.I.P). Check his single "Far Away" below and follow @PRICEMRMONEY on Instagram.…


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L.A Trey releases "In Due Time" EP

L.a Trey releases the his new EP, "In Due Time". Check out the sampler below and Follow L.A Trey on Social Media! Instagram: @Thereal_latrey…

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Andyva releaess new video Sexclusive on Blockchain Label, Younk

The new track “Sexclusive” by Andyva, a young artist on a rise has captured our attention with it’s catchy rhythm and meaningful lyrics, something that is so highly valued nowadays: the truth, the real stuff.

While most of the world is getting covered in chocolate hearts and sweet love songs, Andyva took the courage to speak up and served us some “romantic” reality on this track. Sexclusive is about dating in today’s world run by technology and instant results.… Continue

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