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OHIO's "Meezy" Lights up the Polls @ Ciphernews.com by a Landslide For the 2nd Day In A Row!

Recently Meezy was informed by the Ciphernews.com editor that he was chosen to be previewed and given a chance to be rated, all around the world, in the April Issue, 1st edition! He was chosen for his new hit song "Take It" which has had instant success since it's arrival to the Hip Hop charts on MySpace, RapHead, and IndieCharts!

The Ciphernews.com's April Issue, 1st addition premieres music and interviews from Hip Hop artists/groups such as Eastern Supremacy rep'n North Dakota, Diagram of Truth rep'n Illinois, Meezy rep'n Ohio, and Big Syke (from the Tupac founded rap group "The Outlawz") rep'n Cali, jus to name a few!... (You can still go there now n' listen to the tracks and vote on the best song via signing the sites guestbook and commenting on the song or artist of your choice!)...SO GO VOTE!!!

Anyways, the voting polls started around 6:30 pm yeasterday and as the polls slowed down later in the night, it was an unexpected win by landslide in the favor of Meezy rep'n Ohio with 32 votes, the rest of the competition 0! The site actually had to be reset and upgraded early this morning due to heavy traffic and voting!...NO BULLSHIT! The down side to that tho was that all tallied votes, ALL MEEZY'S, were lost and couldn't be recovered! The Good news tho is that for the 2nd day in a row, your boy Meezy is ONCE AGAIN winning by a landslide! As of 10:25pm on day 2, the count is Meezy rep'n Ohio 41 votes, the rest of the competition 0!

Stop through the site n' check out the previewed artists, music, and interviews NOW n' don't 4get to vote!

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