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Exclusive Interview with Prince Ea: Making Smart Cool

Prince Ea, the man responsible for groundbreaking songs like “Smoking Weed With the President” and “The Brain”, joined Straight Fresh recently for an in depth conversation about his career, politics, the state of hip-hop and more. To check out the interview, as well as the exclusive a capella verse Prince Ea dropped for Straight Fresh, hit the cut.


Straight Fresh: Thank you for taking the time to interview, I know everyone at Straight Fresh really appreciates it. This first question is for the people who are reading this interview that don’t really know about you. Want to just tell us a little about yourself – who is Prince Ea?



Prince Ea: Sure, sure, sure…man, Prince Ea is a young rapper from St. Louis, Missouri. Very lyrical, very introspective…very innovative. I kinda built most of my fan base through digital media and digital marketing. Um, you know, putting out viral videos, um, developing a really loyal fan base with like a lot of political, a lot of socially conscious songs, in the beginning. And then I kinda expanded to more relatable type of music, still me, still introspective, but I expanded…I made an expansion.


As far as my accolades go, last year I was named the best hip-hop artist in St. Louis by one of our biggest, by the biggest newspaper down here. I’ve been in Vibe Magazine; I was the first rapper to be in Discover Magazine, Science Magazine. Um, man, the list kinda goes on and on. I’ve performed with Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, DJ Khaled. Most of my fans have been garner for my digital presence, so I have over 13 million views online. So yeah man, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. I’m a guy, I’m a normal guy, that kinda wants to, I want to change the scope of music, not even just hip hop, so I put out a lot of innovative material. So that’s just me, man.



Straight Fresh: That’s dope. I’m sure you’ve been asked this question now, probably, countless times, but the story behind the Prince Ea name, want to go into that?


Prince Ea: Oh man, the name, the name, the name…a lot of people don’t know. You know, basically, a couple years ago, I was really, really into…one thing I didn’t mention, I graduated Summa Cum Laude, I forgot about that. But I got my degree in Anthropology, and one of the things I was studying was the Sumerian culture. And Sumer is in modern day Iraq; other names for it were Babylon, Mesopotamia, Assyria, etc. Sumer is basically the cradle of civilization – this is where the fist civilization known to man comes from, uh 6 thousand years ago in Sumer. And these people were so intelligent, so technologically advanced, right out of the Stone Age. They created the wheel, they had the first complex agricultural systems, first political, educational systems, they put 360 degrees to a circle, uh, they knew about all of the planets in our solar system without a telescope. And if you would have asked one of these people, how did you get so much knowledge, so much information, so quickly? And what they would have said was that their living Gods gave it to them. Oh, they also created the first written language, which is cuneiform, script.




Peep the Full Interview over at StraightFresh.net

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awesome! post    -ws

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Shout out to Raphead!!! Ya'll The Best

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dope article. S.R.

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pretty interesting read

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Nice interview!


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