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Jarell Perry

Femalereloaded.com had the pleasure of interviewing R&B singer Jarell Perry. Perry is a California based artist with a pretty extensive writing history. Although he's primarily been behind the scenes, he's ready to develop his own career .

To promote his latest single 'Whiskey a Go Go' and his upcoming LP, he'll be performing a set alongside Ty$ and BJ the Chicago Kid in Los Angeles on January 17th at the Key Club.

Check out our brief interview below....

You have a new song "Whiskey a Go Go", what was process to creating this song?
I was just thinking about some experiences that have shaped my life in L.A., the different venues I've played - Whisky a Go Go on Sunset being one of them. I was like, "that would make for a good song title, huh?" And all my friends know that whiskey is my favorite drink - I love it straight up, after grinding all day, it's something a lot of people can relate to. So it just made sense to throw it all together and make a bar anthem. It's a new sound for me but I really enjoy it.


Was there any hesitation to putting the song out as a single due to the subject?
Not really. In the scheme of current themes in popular music I think "Whiskey" is pretty tame. Actually, I KNOW it's pretty tame.
Has there ever been a subject that you wanted to talk about through song, but couldn't quite capture the emotion?
Everything I've wanted to talk about, I've been able to put it to song. A lot of times that really is the only way to get it out there. By nature if I'm not singing or writing, I don't show a ton of emotion at all. I just thank God I have this outlet. Without it I'd probably implode.
Out of all the songs you've put out, which is your favorite, and why?
I'm proud of them all - I'm really into 'Whiskey' because it's unlike anything I've ever done before. But one that's closest to my heart is the acoustic 'If It Ain't Too Late' - it's this Lazarus-song I started 4 years ago that came back to life at just the right moment.

You mentioned your project Simple Things in quite a few interviews, and how you wanted people to get to know you before releasing it. What have you been doing to ensure that this happens? Do you feel that now the world is ready?
The main goal this time around has been simply to maintain consistency. I want you to get to know every song, see my growth as an artist in each of them, and build this trust that it's something real. There's a standard of quality with each release that I believe people will appreciate when they see it's consistent. And with that appreciation will come the demand. We're almost there. I can feel it. We're building the house brick by brick.
You co-wrote the hook to Fat Joe's track "Another Round". How did that come about?
I got a call from my writing partner in Miami who ran into Joe at the studio down there. They sent me the track and within 20 minutes I had demoed the hook we wrote together. I didn't really have any expectations for it at the time, so when I heard Chris Brown was on it I still didn't believe it.
In your interview w/ Faux Society you talked about how hearing the soundclip for the first time seemed surreal. Have you evolved from that feeling, and how has that opportunity helped propel you in your career?
It still really hasn't fully settled with me, but I'm grateful for the doors it's been able to open. It really means something as a songwriter to be able to point to a Billboard chart and say "hey - I was a part of that."
You made the decision to step away from writing for other people to focus on your own career. Was that a hard decision to make?
I think I had already made up in my mind for a while that it was time for a change. But stepping back out from behind the scenes to be an artist, with all the pressures that come along with it, wasn't an easy commitment to make. And you don't just make it once, you have to commit to it each and every day when you get out of bed (if you even get to see a bed that night). That's the part that most don't realize.
How do you remain grounded as your career begins to really take off?
The bigger my career becomes, the more attention I give to family, because I know that the time for those moments of clarity is getting shorter and shorter. I'm constantly getting rid of things I don't need and looking to do more prayer and meditation. It's way too easy to get caught up without a strong foundation.
What is the one message you wish to get across to your audience through your music?
Even with all the disappointments and awkward moments, life is good.
What are your current projects? Do you have any performances coming up?
Just focusing on Simple Things and getting ready for an important show in L.A. on Jan 17th at the Key Club.
Where can fans find you on the web?


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Cool interview.


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Cool interview.


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