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Being in the music industry relies on outward appearance as much as the talent. Despite this proven fact, lots of artists continue to ignore the great necessity to put a lot of attention toward their mixtape cover design. No matter how great the content and how stylish the inner part of a tape is, people won’t be able to tell just by looking at a sealed tape display. You might be asking yourself “How do I make a good design?” or “How can I tell if it’s good?” There are a lot of ways to go about this, but the best and most reliable method is to coordinate with a good graphic designer.

Getting a mixtape cover that grabs attention and brings your title to life is pretty hard but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. With the right people and ample time, anyone can get an ideal design that would be best for the entire production. The only thing that makes designing complicated nowadays is the presence of various design techniques and tools added with the basic characteristics such as hues, colors, and gradients.

Given a lot of options, any artist can have second thoughts here and there. In order to avoid any confusion that may lead to a bad result, you need to find people to trust and collaborate with to make a good mixtape cover design.

Producing a mixtape involves several processes that demand time and a little expertise. Having people without experience would only compromise the quality of each component. This also applies to the creation of the mixtape cover. It can be observed nowadays that a lot of people are fond of bright and neon colors in clothes, accessories, and even cars. Following the current trend, it is best to aim for a striking design that would make it stand out from the rest.

 Achieving a unique and catchy mixtape is normally practiced by all artists but not everyone gets what they’re looking for. Everything starts with the cover design. It would be useless to think about putting a close-up photo or the most expensive design on the cover since it won’t make any impact. People don’t care how beautiful a cover is when they have no idea who it is from. It could work if you ask for a relative to show some sympathy and buy a copy as a keepsake; but not with ordinary people. If you like to make a mixtape that everyone would be curious of despite the anonymity, it is essential to learn all tricks and techniques in the book that can help design making.

The most essential aspect of a good cover design is the artist’s brand. This doesn’t mean the clothes you endorse or the music agency you’re from. It refers to your personality and traits that you want people to be aware of. Let them know who you are in the mixtape covers and they’ll remember you through them. It isn’t difficult but it requires a lot of self realization.

Not every artist finds his identity because there are too many icons in the music industry that seem good to copy. However, every artist should get past this point and create his own image. By doing so, you get a unique brand that no one can copy and everyone can hold on to for the rest of your career. The design of the cover should have your brand emanate from it. Producing a mixtape requires money and effort so everyone has to be serious.

There are several reasons why it is very important to have a great cover design. Mixtapes serve a purpose in an artist’s career so it is natural to be worried when things come out bad during the production. One of the main functions of a mixtape is attracting fans and supporters. Tapes are usually distributed all around the world and people will be able to check and find out if they like it.

If the design is repulsive from the start, there’s no way people would like to explore the inside. The cover also acts as a summary of the entire mixtape. By carefully observing it, interested people get a lot of conclusions on the music genre, the artist gender, language, target audience and the like. This makes shopping for mixtapes easier for people since not everyone likes to spend their money on unknown stuff. Lastly, the mixtape cover tells people about the artist.

This is the main reason why musicians have to pay attention to the design. People look at an artist on the way she wears and moves. The cover design serves the same purpose. A rugged mixtape cover design would mean the artist isn’t very particular with looks or simply ignorant. A well-laid cover suggests otherwise. From all of this, it is very obvious that musicians have to be enthusiastic about their mixtape cover art because your graphics or what reels people in to check out the music if they never heard of your before..

The most crucial part of a mixtape production is the planning stage where everything gets decided. Whilst it is also important to be careful during the actual production, everything usually goes smoothly as long as the plan is done well. One of the things to watch out for is the compatibility of the music content and the cover. It wouldn’t do good to give people a wrong impression from the start. Giving people a different content after providing an initial idea would be a betrayal of their trust. It is actually easy to plan a great mixtape design.

The main rule is to never plagiarize or copy images. It is best to always make original designs made to fit a particular mixtape no matter how tedious or time-consuming it may be.

Together with the production of the mixtape are several other processes that artists have to deal with so it puts a lot of stress on everyone involved. Being able to give a 100% dedication on the design construction can be impossible but an artist should try his hardest to achieve this. To avoid more stress from colleague disagreements, it is essential to only hire people who would be able to finish the job without any help no matter how much time it entails.

Designing a mixtape cover needs artistic expertise so it is best to get third-party help. Having other professionals deal with the main process is more efficient nowadays since results are expected to be good no matter how little time is given. Mixtapes are distributed in different outlets so quantity is also a problem. Time is of the essence so in order to avoid lags in the schedule, a concrete and feasible plan should be done before the production stage starts.

Should you feel the need to get professional help, always keep in mind that the best always makes better results than the cheap; cutting down on production costs will only hurt the artist’s career. Always pay attention to the provider’s portfolio. See how clients receive them and find out how good they are in the job. They would normally be willing to provide examples if asked, so take the time to examine each. A mixtape cover design with the best characteristics can only be created by the best people.

Despite the cost entailed in outsourcing this process, it yields a much productive result compared to carelessly making a dull design. Having a group of skilled people working on the design gives an artist peace of mind that the end product will always be above standards provided every step is done with careful thought.

Once you get a skilled graphic designer to develop your cover design, the aesthetic value of the mixtape is expected to be good. Adding to this your personal attention during the production will definitely increase the value of the design. Putting a good-looking tape and great content in one mixtape can be the best marketing tool a musician can ever have. The success of an artist relies on not just personal talent, but also on how he addresses people with his own brand of music. Make a good representative cover design and let people know your identity.
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