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Verse 1:

Death stares at your face where you run
Too much heat will exhaust you under the sun
Its my turn now to have some fun
Pray to your lord 'cause I trust my gun
Blame no one else for your muddle
It all started the day when you played the fiddle
Crack money dried up and began to dwindle
I smell blood as I come to end your struggle
Try out your contacts and put them at the gate
Me is what you've got as your date
Load 'em up and let 'em feel sedate
Count down the seconds Majestic has sealed your fate
I heard you rubbed your nose before him and pleaded for your family
Fucking with him was a step too silly
Especially when he got guys like me and Billy
Don't give a damn about ya life! We do this stuff daily

Verse 2:

You think what you did was cool
I never thought you were such a fool
Smartest cap they called you back in the school
Switched off your brains when it was your tool
Guess what will happen to ya son when he sees you dead in your stool
Majestic made you in charge of the stock
One must learn from ya how to put yourself in docks
Time now that you pull up your socks
If anybody tell ya that, retort back and say bollocks
No time now to talk and sit
Don't even try and fan out that shit
I got a better idea you fucking twit
How about you stoned in a hit
What's your favorite color, ah! I remember its red
Store a bucket full for ya after some blood shed
I aim for your ass and your head
50K is the prize for shooting you dead

Verse 3:

Call me names or call me a fucker
Remember you said I was a trendsetter
Time to get rich and I won't stutter
If it means killing you, I peel you like butter
Know what Majestic himself ordered me today
Told me to open my ears and pay heed to what he says
Infoed me all about your felon ways
Plus said he wants your head before elections on Sunday
He said once you were strong and bully
Was amongst the first to afford Sally's pussy
She drove you made and made you lusty
Reduced you to where you stand today as a sissy
She deserted you soon after she heard your bit
Made you go crazy and crave for her tits
Soon she was discovered of course with her throat slit
After dealing with ya tonight I officially become the King of this Shit

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