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Hey guys, I'm EDM Producer NuJ4X from Nashville, TN! I'm offering up my debut single "Dab (On Dem Haterz)" for you guys to check out!


I debuted on the world on April 3rd, 2018. On May 3rd, 2018 these are the things that have happened:

1. Accumulated 7100 views on YouTube in 30 days.

2. Featured by Jamsphere Magazine (in actual print)

3. Featured by WeLab Magazine (in actual print)

4. Featured on 20+ blogs

5. Acknowledged by legendary sound innovator iLL.Gates

6. Made it onto college radio x3600 stations worldwide twice! (back the 2nd time by popular demand)

7. Followed by and corresponded with Rick Barker via Twitter (launched Taylor Swift)

8. Contacted by Rising Star Nashville Universe nominated Country singer Cody Wolfe for possible collab

9. In talks with Canadian girl group "Girl Pow R" about doing a collaboration.

So that's all happened in the last month and change! I'm hoping to keep the momentum going and share my song with all of those out there who haven't heard it yet!

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