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R I L E Y Releases "Save Me" An Emotional Record Of Creativity

Artist: R I L E Y Song: Save Me Click HERE to support the artist.

In modern day music, it becomes hard to truly find original music that provides true emotion with lyrical content. With artists having access to recording equipment for cheap, the industry is flooded.

I received a submission of an artist named R I L E Y out of L.A. I was in my home office working late and within 27 seconds I had to the stop the record, turn off the lights, press play, and turn off my monitor. For me, turning of the lights for complete darkness was the best way to appreciate the track.

The lyrics spook to me as I can relate to the writing. Trapped in a cycle of addiction where everyone around you tells you to “save yourself” when you need help. But you don’t mind the life as you know nothing more.

The change up on the bass appeals the song very well. The verses having a down the middle 808 to the hook with a stereo bass rumble. Typically hooks are the pinnacle and the loudest in most songs, R I L E Y decided to have his hooks with no kit drum and subtle panning guitar strums. His vocal melody and effects becomes the pinnacle of the record. I’m unsure who produced the instrumental, I feel the attentions was opposite, and I enjoy that R I L E Y did his own creative thing with it.

Check out the record above if you haven’t already, save yourself, and click HERE to support the artist.

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