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SOULJA C Releases “Feel That”, Real Hip Hop Vibes


I’m a huge fan of driving in Tampa, cranking tunes, and grooving to the music. Even when I have no mission or direction, just driving down Interstate 275 with a groovy track and catchy hook, brings me to that happy state.  


I caught this track the other day by an artist from Bessemer, Alabama that instantly made my head move up and down. The artist is SOULJA C, recently signed with Kno soul, with a track called “Feel That”.


The song starts with a 2-chord progression synth, high hats, and snare rolls. The hook snaps in a tight kick and bass, with SOULJA C’s dominate lines: “Do You Feel That”. Instantly it brings me back to old Hip Hop. Which is an uncommon feeling these days.


The verse displays SOULJA C’s vocal flow that has experience all over it. Confidence, as the flow changes like a roller coaster that keeps the track relevant. The build up to the hook works extremely well with the beat as the bass and kick comes in and out.


The production quality is way above average with minimal effects and an up front vocal. This is one of the reasons why the track has that “Real Hip Hop” Sound.


If you feel that from the track, click HERE to support the artist on SoundCloud.  

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