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South Carolina LEGEND-To-Be, SilverBakAmilli_SBA

Name: SilverBakAmilli_SBA


Born on Aug. 4th 1989. SBA was destined to struggle. In a crack infested Columbia SC, the artist would grow up wrapped up in a hard life. Going to over 5 elementary schools, at the age of 10 SBA moved to the Leesburg Road area of Lower Richland County. At 11 he caught his first case and by the time he was 17 he was trapped in the life of gang banging robbing stealing and the streets. At 18 he was sentence to a 15 year sentence in SCDC. While serving this sentence, the artist fell back in love with music. At 13, he had recorded his first single under his cousin Tim "Five Dollars" Harris along side his brother the original lil DEEZY dee (now known as the artist OvaDose) and a friend of the label boss hawg inside of the home grown METRO RECORDS as DOH BEEZY REPRESENTING 711 RECORDS. BUT NOW HE WOULD TAKE THINGS SERIOUS. FOR 8 YEAR SBA SAT IN PRISON PERFECTING HIS CRAFT. EDUCATING AND PREPARING HIMSELF FOR WHAT HE HAS BEEN QUOTED SAYING " THE SHIT HE WAS BORN FOR". Silverbakamilli_SBA is an average America young male. That is if the average american male is young black overcoming some major obstacles and dedicated and committed to give the game what its been missing for so long. South Carolina has a new voice of authority...he calls himself THE SOUTH CAROLINA GOLDEN CHILD. AND HE HAS COME TO LET EVERYONE KNOW. #SBAnDisB!txhBoy
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