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Who is T.H.C. (The Hated Crew)? As seen in Hype Magazine

T.H.C. (The Hated Crew) Is a conglomerate of underground artist bringing you modern sounds with a golden era twist. The collective consist of three artists: “Zig Zag” (Dj), “Frame the Great” (Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter, & Composer), & “Tre Tha Don” (Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter, & Composer). With their “Shape Shifting” styles (being able to switch from genre to genre), signifies that they are NOT your typical recording artist, but rather “Masters of their Crafts” who appreciates the CULTURE along with the CREATIVE PROCESS that makes a memorable song/album, a memorable song/album.

Kamose Ba Heka-El, better known as “Frame the Great” (Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter, & Composer) was born in Albemarle, North Carolina. Raise in a small town called Wadesboro (South Piedmont Area East of Charlotte N.C. With their “Shape Shifting” styles (being able to shift from genre to genre), signifies that they are NOT your typical recording artist, but rather “Masters of their Crafts” who appreciates the CULTURE along with the CREATIVE PROCESS that makes a memorable song/album, a memorable song/album. Influenced by artist/groups such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Three Six Mafia, KRS-ONE, Redman, Jay-Z, Field Mob, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Outkast among many others (just to mention a few), it wasn’t until the age of eleven when he decided to pick up the microphone to craft his skills as an Emcee. At the age of 14, he was introduced to a local recording engineer by the name of John (Redrum) Williams, it was there where he bore his first recording experience.

Tremayne Hough, better known as “Tre Tha Don” (Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter, & Composer) was born in Monroe, North Carolina. Raised in Wingate, North Carolina, his inspiration for music began as an adolescent. His mother (being a huge fan of R&B & Neo Soul) would constantly play music while on the other hand, having an Aunt that was a local songwriter and producer along with Uncles that embraced the sounds of east coast Hip-Hop. With influences like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Biggie Smalls (along with various of other 90, S Hip-Hop artists), Tre always felt that it was his fortune to become a musician. Though it wasn’t until the age early age of 11 when he started to sharpen his craft as an Emcee.

His mother (being a huge fan of R&B & Neo Soul) would constantly play music while on the other hand, having an Aunt that was a local songwriter and producer along with Uncles that embraced the sounds of east coast Hip-Hop. With influences like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Biggie Smalls (along with various of other 90, S Hip-Hop artists), Tre always felt that it was his fortune to become a musician. Though it wasn’t until the age early age of 11 when he started to sharpen his craft as an Emcee.

Dan Baker, better known as “Zig Zag” (DJ, Public Figure, Humanitarian) Born in the Philippines.
Having a rough upbringing as a child (Being that he was a victim of “Kwashiorkor”) it was at an early age was Zig Zag learned the true tactics of “Survival”. At the age of 7, he took his journey to the United States to pursue a career.

Living in the rough parts of Chicago Illinois, it wasn’t long before his natural “survival tactics” started to come online, having to hustle and do odd jobs (as well as Deejaying) to make a steady living. In 2014, he formed T.H.C. (The Hated Crew), a music platform that allows an underground artist to show forth their talent, skills, and ambition towards a “Mainstream” audience. Zig Zag’s power hour on Blazin 98.5 Fm every Saturday’s from 8-9 pm is sure to move mountains in Colorado for THC.

Zig Zag what was it like growing up in the Philippines? 

I remember my past in the Philippines like it was yesterday. A revolution was brewing, people of the country was sick and tired of the dictator that ran the country. I was a young fisherman at the time and didn’t use our traditional methods of fishing. I dynamite fished aka, a flash fisherman at a young age not knowing the damage my actions were to the environment. Now that I’m an American, I was young I didn’t know there were such laws that prohibited my method under the international laws. I quit fishing after a hurricane took out my vessel which collided with another island and crashed by the shores. I could go on for hours on the difference in lifestyles between the two nations. Learning the English language was pretty rough, learning and adapting to further my education was a challenge that I’m glad I overcame.

Tre Tha Don and Frame the Great can you tell us what it was like growing up in North Carolina for both of you? 

Frame the Great:

Growing up in North Carolina as an adolescent, my childhood was fair. I grew up family oriented, so therefore, I was surrounded by family members daily. My Mom was a single mother, she hustled for my brother and me, making sure that we had nothing but the best. I guess that’s why I’m not materialistic because I never had to want for anything as a child. Music always played a huge part in my upbringing. My Grandmother would constantly play music night and day while throwing family events every weekend. From artists like Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Betty Wright, to artists like Mystical, Ghetto Boyz, Trick Daddy, you name it, Grandma played it. I was an Art/English kid. I was a huge WWE fan (around the WWF Attitude era). I also spent a lot of time writing poetry. When my Mother, Brother, and I moved out my grandmother’s home when I was 11, the three of us moved to the project, it was there when I started dabbling in streets. I had a lot of friends growing up. Most got caught up on the streets later on in life. Beforehand, I ran into an older kid by the name of Gene McCray, he taught me how to convert my written poetry into 16 bar raps. I dabbled in the streets a lot as a teen, though I soon realized that lifestyle wasn’t for me. I started to pursue my music career at the age of 14, and from that point up until now, it’s been a freaking roller coaster ride!

Tre Tha Don:

Growing up in Union County was challenging, but typically challenging. Poverty is poverty and that’s all I knew. I grew up in a small town called Wingate. Drugs were the number one cause of crime so it was easy to be influenced. Nothing spectacular ever happened so I would draw pictures, and write about the things I saw, influenced by life itself. My mother and my step dad raised me right. I decided to jump off the porch at an early age just to see what was out there in the world. I tried selling drugs, gang banging and it landed me in nothing but trouble and tough times. I was kicked out of the 7th grade for possession of marijuana and once again in the 9th grade for the same. Through all the nonsense I was rapping and making music but I didn’t buckle down and take it seriously until my sophomore year in high school when I met” Frame The Great”. As solo artists, we created a duo called “Cipher7”, from there, we would record endless amounts of songs, releasing underground mixtapes throughout our neighborhoods. I dropped out of high school to pursue my music more but life hit harder than after my grandfather passed away. My girlfriend and I (who was pregnant at the time) were basically homeless. Now that we have two beautiful children, a son, and a daughter, the reason I go so hard is to make a better future for my kids and the generations to come.

What age did all of you take a liking to this culture of music?

Frame the Great:

I’ve been a fan of hip-hop since the day I was born. My first words were Black Sheep’s “You can get with this, or you can get with that”. In so many words, I’ve been a part of this genre since the beginning.

Tre Da Don

I almost became the product of my surroundings so I grew up with my Uncle’s and the rest of the neighborhood at a very young age.

Zig Zag

Growing up learning on the turntables, lead me to master turntablism skills from legends like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow etc. In today’s world of hip-hop, the major elements are missing due to the digital sound waves that we have now. That’s what T.H.C. is all about, giving you modern music with an analog twist. The five elements play a big role in hip-hop music, and I’m not saying this because I’m a Dj, but for the simple fact that it’s the foundation in which hip-hop music was built from.

Zig Zag can you talk to us about your radio show on Blazin 98.5 FM?

Blazin 98.5 FM Power Hour brought to you by THC’s Zig Zag is a great opportunity working with some great people in the workplace. I mean some of the radio personalities get me rolling as soon as I walk in the door, with some sort of joke or witty comment. The time flies while in the station having fun and articulating ways to get our audience to enjoy the rest of their day and night. The Hated Crew and Blazin 98.5 FM has built a pretty good relationship with our sister company “Stoner High Girls”, a group of positive minded ladies that pick each other up and show us nothing but love, thanks, SHG! Our mission is simple we THC Frame The Great, Tre Da Don, Zig Zag, will enlighten one’s like us through entertainment that has a driven hunger for success.

What are some of the projects that we can expect from you in 2017? 

We will be finishing up our albums, Game Of Thrones, Habeas Corpus, and our third project The Watchers, will consist of the roots of the underground,  Since Zig Zag learned on turntables and we will be showcasing our live P.A. set with our way to paint the picture with our rappers combining old school tactics to the matrix.

Will you be at some of the music festivals throughout the year?

THC has a few shows in Colorado Springs, Denver during 420, Bongs and Bikini Thongs in Colorado Springs Bikini Bar. Create music videos for our album Game Of Thrones. July 8th we will be playing at the Comic Con in Las Vegas, soon after this date working on our next albums Habeas Corpus and The Watchers. You’re all invited!

Who are some of the artists you would like to get into the studio with in the future?

We haven’t had real consideration of this topic being that we agreed to create the first two albums with THC. You never know what the future brings if the stars align right anything can happen!

What is your expectation as artists in the next couple of years?

To give back to our fan’s by sending out messages in our song’s about the everyday struggle and how to overcome those hardships with a positive thought. The Hated Crew works hard to overcome where once there was no chance of light now blossoms in the rough of a ravaged society… proof through our art. To also be acknowledged and respected as independent leaders with great showmanship and work ethic. In our eyes, respect will take you much further than materials.

Do you guys have any aspirations beyond the entertainment business?

We all agree later in our careers to creating a Learning Center where youths like ourselves who have no opportunities can flourish through either a tech or trade school that would teach the students. This will give more opportunities to disadvantaged neighborhoods and that’s exactly what they need to bring crime rates down. Either way, the youth will have the fundamentals to survive and make a living for their family through hard work and dedication.



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