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Wus up to the world, its me C-Walk back in ya face. This past Saturday night i wa at the Bone in Downtown Dallas at an open mic event, it had a nice set up with alot of good peole in there, and some nice looking women but thats some other stuff. Now down to the nitty gritty, i loved the scene and the stge which was also the dance floor. They had alot of the same acts from plam beach which i wasnt excited about but anyway you gotta do what you gotta do, so i stayed and waited for my time while being blasted in my ears by the same song with a different beat and a different artist. Well thats what it feels like when 90% of the artist do the same shit and music, but the were a couple of great acts. it was this one light skined dude and sum dark brother dressed in suits and they were real good and different and besides myself i thought they were one of the best acts. and as far as my Act i killed with "Do it baby" and i had em out ther jiggin on dat "Go Get Money" so i loved it and i still enjoyed myself at the club. the only problem was the way the clubed flowed, theyre were alot of gaps in time like between acts it took to long to get to the next which in conclusion made the night slow and boring. i mean lets be honest (including myself) when you listening to local talent its hard because you dont know them and usually they not all good, so if you prolong the night with misschedueled events and task it pushes most of the crowd away wich is what happend, because by the time i went on everybody was outside so before i went on i attempted to bring in the ladies and i succeded which made the night. Overall it was a cool night but not great, and i will go back and nex time i will get there early to get on early. until next time.

"Dont Stay in and complain, Get out and make a change"

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