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VIDEO SHOOT CASTING CALL for MODELS - Young Wellz Song: Ballin (Now on iTunes)


We are pleased to inform you that we are now accepting model submissions via. email for the video shoot of Young Wellz new single "BALLIN" which will be distributed to National and Regional Video Shows, Retail Pools, Clubs, Video On Demand and Internet Sites.


Video will be filmed in Philadelphia, PA. Models who are interested should send email to rapheadmusic@gmail.com with a most recent photo of themselves as well as a contact number for more information as to location/date/time of shoot.

Young Wellz "BALLIN" video shoot Treatment



1-    Hotel

2-    South St

3-    Clothing Store

4-    Jewelry Store

5-    Car scene

6-    Gentlemen's Club

7-    Blacked out room with special lighting 


Before song starts. Open with Young Wellz at home getting a phone call from his boys telling him its time to meet and get the day started.




Song begins and cuts to shots of Wellz meeting his crew and walking down South St. A OPEN sign on the door of CLOTHING store is turned around to say CLOSED as Wellz and his boys walk in.


Runway's first chorus begins "I said I'm ballin' ballin' ballin" cut between shots of Runway singing in BLACKED OUT ROOM w/ Wellz and shots of Wellz shopping in the clothing store.

                                                            VERSE 1

Wellz verse starts, Handheld or Steadicam shot of Wellz rapping while going through the shop. Mixed in with non rapping shots of Wellz shopping.


1:06 in song, Wellz pays for clothes at store, if possible we show in register filled with money that Wellz just spent on clothes. As they leave the store, the CLOSED sign is flipped to OPEN and then they go to the Jewelry store, where right away somebody behind the counter motions to Wellz to come to the backroom where the private stock of watches and other expensive jewelry are set out for Wellz to choose from.


Wellz picks out a new watch and necklace and leaves Jewelry store, outside the store is a luxury CAR. The driver of the car opens up the DRIVER side door for Wellz, Wellz enters along with his boys, the Driver then just walks off leaving the car with them. Wellz drives off.


                                                            CHORUS 2

Runway is in the passenger seat. I figure around this time in the song we'll be at Runways second chorus. Shots of Wellz and Runway in the car driving 


                                                             VERSE 2

1:50 Wellz pulls up to Gentlemen's club, doormen open the doors up right away for Wellz and crew.


Open up inside club to girls dancing at all corners of the club. Wellz and his crew walk through club, grab seats right along side the main stage while girl is dancing. Shots of Wellz rapping from other side of stage with girl in heels on stage crossing in and out of frame. Cut in shots of Wellz popping bottles of champagne with models.    

2:24 a dancer takes Wellz from his seat at the stage and walks him to a private booth, she sits him down, turns around and closes the curtain.


                                                               VERSE 3

Final 40 seconds of song would be cut between Wellz walking out of Private booth, Runway still at stage, and dancers on stage then leaving the club with models

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