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VIP The Messiah Release FML2: Dark Vibes, Shock Lyrics, and Remember It Vocal Flows

Artist: VIP The Messiah

Album: FML 2

“VIP The Messiah" is a rapper originally from Dallas and currently living in San Antonio. A graduate of Texas State University, VIP has been studying music his whole life. As the creator of the innovative lifestyle brand "FVCK LYFE" VIP urges people to follow their dreams, a vision he lives every day. Infused with clever wordplay, VIP’s deliberate, easygoing style is inspired by 50 Cent, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne.”


What captures my ears on this piece is the dark vibes, the shock lyrics, and vocal flow that VIP uses in the 6-piece track called FML 2.


The EP begins with the track “Frito Lay” as VIP repeating “I Ain’t Got Time To Wait”. The beat plays off a two-chord melody. Let’s not forget how VIP is going to f*ck her face which puts the humor and shock in this track.


Another track on the piece is “Mix It up”, with epic vibes and a creative hook. What I like about this track is you never know what VIP is going to say.


You can show some love for VIP with 6-piece EP, “FML2”, by clicking HERE




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