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Langston Hughes III (LH3) is an American Hip Hop group from Charleston, SC. The group consists of Renaissance men: Chawle Dawk Da Superstar, Maximillion and Da Moja DJ Cory B. The group's music is a natural progression of the "golden era" of hip hop music they have termed Adult Contemporary Head Nod Music. "We are not stuck in the 90s, but we also do not move to the beat of the current drums" says Chawle Dawk Da Superstar. LH3 got its start in the 1993 under the name Da Phlayva and released the album Phlayva 4 dem All on Vertical/Solar Records. After a lackluster record deal, the group found itself back home... dream deferred.

Spring 2014, Chopped Herring Records based out of France contacted the group looking to release a limited edition vinyl of the group’s 1994 album. “We found out we actually had a following internationally based on that one album that was released pre internet! exclaims Maximillion. Due to a resurgence of interest in the their whereabouts internationally, the group has decided to step back on the music scene under the moniker Langston Hughes III with their brand of Adult Contemporary Head Nod Music. “Imagine that 90’s boom bap all grown up talking grown man business over grown man beats… that’s where we are.” says Chawle Dawk.

The group took its name from Harlem Renaissance leader, poet and activist, Langston Hughes."Langston Hughes was a Renaissance man... from merging his poetry with Jazz to social activism. He also had a fashion sense; his tailored game was crazy. We embody that same creative energy." says Maximillion. Langston Hughes's poem Dream Deferred also stands as the foundation and motivation for the group re entering the music industry. Their debut single, Karolina Shine: An Old Kneegrow Spiritual is slated for release October 23, 2015. 20 years later, Dream Expedited.


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