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After calling Drake "Canada Dry" Chicago MC Common now says He Would Fight DRAKE outside the RING!!! [FULL AUDIO]

 Here go both of the verses who you think won this battle..."Canada Dry" line had to sting though.

In this audio clip below Common is on the radio pretty much explaining who he will get if the whole YMCMB wanted to jump in the so called "BEEF". I'm not sure how much help G.O.O.D music would be though?! Half of the crew's pants is too tight and the older rappers are not used to rocking tight pants. I'm guessing that Kanye would have to call Hov (Jay-Z) and then Jay would have to send a whole army down south and up to Canada to exterminate the whole camp haha. I'm thinking it would look pretty much like this scene on Scarface...


I always felt like Common's song "Stay Sweet" was little over the top for where he is at in his career. To go in on Drake its like hmmmmm..Idk. His music is so much softer than your typical rapper its almost like if you win people won't respect it, but if you lose you might be finished. Common is Legend and you can tell that feelings were def. involved when he laid the track down.


I always felt like DRAKE was kinda like the caption pic below...

At the end of the DRAKE is with that New Money Young Money camp and right now the pic below pretty much explains how he feels. I respect Common for going in and trying to body the young gun, but right now he just has too much steam and his music is selling. I really don't see either of their careers being damaged or stopped for that matter but rap just wouldn't be rap if no one went in and tried to dethrone the hottest artists. Shout out to both rappers for giving us something to talk about and keeping the sport of "Battle Rap" going!
At the end of the day Common can say what he wants we all know what the BEEF is over.
Commons Wifey (Serena Williams) was put on blast for shaking her A$$ in Drakes condo, then DRAKE raps about and makes Common feel less of a man. That would sting a Lil though!

Here is the culprit, Serena Williams in the video below....

smh @ you non believers lol this is indeed Serena ... this video and this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39DyR5raqAU were both filmed with her phone... also the other video has pics on it from her phone... you can see her face / hear her laugh more clear in the other video...



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