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Mixtape Review: "Drake" If You're Reading This Its Too Late


Drake “IF Your Reading This It’s Too Late” by Shaun Evans & RapHead

Drake surprised the world by dropping a new 17 song mixtape over the weekend. The title is somewhat strange. The Title also has 2 spelling mistakes. I’m thinking too late for what? Young Money is in a turbulent state with Birdman and Lil Wayne fighting over the rights the record label, Cash Money which Drake and Nikki Minaj are on. The title of Drakes first album “Thank Me Later” was about the explosion of his popularity as a new artist and the day this popularity would fade. Perhaps “If Your Reading This Its Too Late” could be the end of his contract with Cash Money Records?

“If I die Im a Legend..Im the youngest brother repping” he boast on the album opener.I want to stay this is a strong start but the production is lackluster at best weak beat and at this point everyone knows Drake rapper/actor/singer is from Canada. The production is weak because it leans too much on a sample from Ginuwine”s “So Anxious.” The production by 40 should and could have been better. Drake”s last album “Nothing Was The Same” didn’t sound rushed at any point also produced by 40.” Legend” sounds like it was recorded in a rush.

One of the better songs” Energy”, is far better the producers 40 and Boi-1da, use a piano snare under the beat which reminds me of Pete Rock music I miss from the 90s. However, Drake still in bragging mode wants to remind us again of how well off he is. Drake is a good rapper and he can sing. He usually has something to say, but on the album the message seems to be “look at me I’m successful”, i know he successful but come on thats all you have to say? This is a Mixtape and not a studio album. Mixtapes for those who don’t know are usually free or very low cost cross promotional songs to get the audience ready for new studio albums. Ironically Drakes first Mixtape “So Far Gone” got him signed to Cash Money Records by Co founder Lil Wayne. The mixtape “So Far Gone” sounded better than most studio recorded rap albums at the time. “IF Your Reading This…” is not near as good on any level as “So Far Gone.”

I’m assuming Drake wanted to do a Beyonce and surprise his 20.7M twitter followers on Thursday night about the release of “If Your Reading This Its Too Late” I like the idea of dropping surprise music, however the music itself should be a good surprise. I usually like Drake music however this mixtape is far from his best work. This mixtape is a precursor to Drake fourth studio album “Views From The 6.”

The best song Drake has an open letter to his mother “You & The 6” Drake raps on how tough it is being a single star in the public eye. “like that girl from the gym who trains you/ i know you want to arrange it/ you told me she’s free Thursday and i’m sure she’s an angel but she don’t want this life.”

The last song “6pm In New York” Drake runs his lyrics into a nice organic beat with witty word play, this is Drake at his best. “i heard it circulated lets get to the bottom of it/ i told the boy to send me something and i got it covered/ somehow I always rise above it/ why you think i have my head in the clouds last album cover/ the game is all mine and im mighty possessive Lil Wayne could not have found a better successor!

Thats the rapper i was looking forward to hearing. This Mixtape may in fact be rushed there is a great deal of speculation with the release of “If Your Reading This” and the forthcoming “Views From The 6” could complete Drake’s contractual commitment to his label, Cash Money Records. Lil Wayne, Drakes friend and label mate has been having a very public fight with Cash Money Records, filing a 51 million lawsuit against the label last month. If your a casual Drake fan download “Energy/ Now & Forever/ You & The 6/and 6PM In New York.”

Its not a bad album however it also not one of best its good. I'll give it 3 RAPHEADS out of five.
raphead music review by Shaun on twitter Shaun@GMen179

Drake sent out some special shout outs after dropping the mixtape, paying homage to some of the people whom been with him along the way....

Wonder if there is any correlation with the book.....?

If You're Reading This, It's Too Late is the sequel to The Name of this Book is Secret in the Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch. It was released in October 2008 and features the same characters as the first book. The sequel to this book, and the third book in the Secret Series, This Book Is Not Good for You, came out on September 1, 2009 to Amazon customers and August 31, 2009 to consumers that visited Barnes and Noble that day. The Barnes and Noble version came with an exclusive card telling you a number to call to find clues to the identity of Pseudonymous Bosch.


For 500 years, the secret society of the Midnight Sun has been waiting for the homunculus, the man-made man, to rise, and now the evil Dr. L and Ms. Mauvais are going to throw Cass and Max-Ernest to the sharks unless they tell them where he resides. After going on an excursion with their science teacher, the two are tricked by Dr. L after receiving a note from Pietro saying he will meet them on a ship, from which they barely escaped. After finding out their teacher is really Owen, the accent changing member of the Terces Society, they are introduced to the great magician himself, Pietro, who gives them a mission. find the homunculus before the Midnight Sun does. Max-Ernest also finds out that 'Terces' is "secret" backwards. Cass is grounded when she returns home, because she was missing for too long. While on the Midnight Sun ship, Cass and Max-Ernest discovers a strange ball (also called the sound prism), which enables her to hear all types of sounds by putting it to her ear and makes wonderful music when thrown in the air carefully. Cass also discovers a birth certificate. The name is unrecognizable, thus making Cass wonder if she was the wrong girl the Terces Society wanted. She ignores it, even though it pains her, and continues her mission. Later Cass finds out she is really adopted and was delivered in a box on her grandfathers' doorstep....

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Comment by shaun evans on May 29, 2016 at 11:54am


10 bands is a great song on this Mixtape. So is "How Bout Now" and "My Side," which were on the CD of "IF You're Reading This..." not the ITunes version in the review.  since "Views" is out now It's nowhere near as good as this Mixtape. The better review of this mixtape is 4 stars out of five the CD version.


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